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Posted : Wed Nov 02, 2016

All you need to know about facebook live

In the month of April this year, Facebook went live with this feature that allows users to interact in the real-time. Mark Zukerberg introduced the functionality of this feature by going live and answering some questions himself. He said “Live is like having a TV camera in your pocket. Anyone with a phone now has the power to broadcast to anyone in the world. When you interact live, you feel connected in a more personal way. This is a big shift in how we communicate, and it's going to create new opportunities for people to come together.”  And over the months we realize that how this feature has made it easier to create, share and discover live videos.

Initially upon release, the feature was available to a few people and the bandwidth was controlled by a Facebook news feed algorithm and organic posts. Later, it was rolled out to more profiles.

There have been numerous live sessions where the Bollywood and Hollywood celebrities have taken on the social media not only to advertise but also boost their sales. Advertising and sales are relative. A good advertising is focused on generating better sales.

Apart from the adds, Live has also been used as a platform to announce something new or show whatsup behind the scenes. Most interesting use case to explain this, is the time when a team of Grazia, UK went to London headquarter to piece together their first community issue. Recently, BIRA 91 used the live feature to document their now made in India product.

The live feature has been and can be used to broadcast a milestone celebration, build buzz, post highlights, stream an online sale, build community, etc.

How to be LIVE?

Addressing this question is easy. The icon to go live (a person with broadcasting signals around)  is available once you tap ‘What’s on your mind?’ at the top of your news feed. Tap it and you’re live!

How marketers are exploiting this feature

In recent days, influential people and some companies have live streamed to engage people in intriguing discussions. While live streaming, viewers can interact by asking questions. They can be addressed; on the live video, by typing a comment or by setting up a call to action.

Live Videos allow users to

  1. Gauge Broadcast
  2. Use filters to create
  3. Notify followers when you go live
  4. Invite viewers to tap the subscribe button
  5. Toggle camera back and forth
  6. Adjust followers

NOTE: Don’t forget to enable follower option on your profile.

Here are few points you need to take care of before, while and after going live:


You should pre-plan and rehearse your video after choosing your followers. You can go public or keep your audience limited. Rambling discussions can lead to a negative viewership.


of you going live can cater a large number of interested viewers. You might go live at some point, but wont find enough or at all, live audience. Use captivating previews, status, pictures or GIFS to mark your forthcoming.

A very good example of this point would be a scene from the movie Easy A. Remember when at the climax Olive Penderghast gets her own short musical? No? She uses the platform to advertise her forthcoming live date.

Compelling Title

The title is the only thing people see when they get notifications about you going live.

Acknowledge your Audience

 If reasonable, mention names of friends, viewers and followers as a response to their comments.


Make sure you speak loudly and clearly. Also, sit in a quiet place with no background noise and use a microphone.

Time Management

It is adviced to stay live for 5 minutes at least. But anywhere between 2-20 mins is fine. Go live at a time when the Facebook activity is high. Research for such point in time when the activity is maximized, prior going live.

Call To Action

 Once you’re not live anymore, arrange for a call to action by mentioning a mailing address or taking queries in personal inbox or replying to comments.


Post Process

  • Choose an appropriate thumbnail; Facebook gives you an option to choose from 10 pictures or the facility to add your own thumbnail.
  • Edit the video once it is on your Timeline.
  • Select a Category


Get visibility through Ads manager by creating a video advertisement from the live broadcast.


Blog about the video. It’s relative because that’s what we are doing with this article.

Prepare for Pitfalls

  • Unless you’re spontaneous and witty, consider rehearsing before going live because there is an unmoderated comment stream.
  • Above all, it is an unpredictable platform.
  • Expectation Vs Reality; Don’t expect all the followers to tune in at the same time. Developing a schedule can help make the reality bearable.
  • Major point; Have a strong internet connection!

Once you have this understanding, you’re good to go live.


Here is the live video from the day when Web-Shuttle went live to launch its website.Ever since we have experienced a double increase in our fan base and viewership.