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Posted : Wed Oct 26, 2016

An Open Source Experience at GitHub

Years ago, GitHub marched worldwide with the slogan “Build software better together. The site which is a git repository hosting service is written in Ruby has about 14 million users. Git allows registered and non-registered users to browse public repositories on the site. A repository is an on-disk data structure which stores metadata, for a set of files and/or directory structure. Meta data like a historical record of changes in the repository, a set of commit objects or a set of references to commit objects, called heads.

GitHub In-News:

  • The site provides social networking-like functions such as feeds, followers, wikis (using wiki software called Gollum) and a social network graph to display how developers work on their versions ("forks") of a repository and what fork (and branch within that fork) is newest.
  • A user must create an account in order to contribute content to the site, but public repositories can be browsed and downloaded by anyone.
  • The software that runs GitHub was written using Ruby on Rails and Erlang by GitHub, Inc. developers Chris Wanstrath, PJ Hyett, and Tom Preston-Werner.
  • GitHub launched a new program called the GitHub Student Developer Pack to give students free access to popular development tools and services.
  • GitHub has ventured in three products; And Engine, Gist and Jekyll.
  • GitHub has been a target of DDOS attack. An attack that prevents websites from loading.
  • GitHub lets its users explore carious text editors, security options, serverless architecture, ember projects, icon fonts, open data, game engines and more.



GitHub hosts one of the largest collections of open source software. Most developers are already familiar with the concept of InnerSourcing, although many have never called it that. InnerSource is simply using best practices and methodologies from open source development in a confined corporate environment. Businesses of all sizes use GitHub to support their development process and securely build software. So do we, at Web-Shuttle.


At Web-Shuttle, Git-Hub has helped developers simplify the way they build software. The open source projects have helped us to overcome immovable situations and have also inspired us to create. Create, manage, and work on some of today's most influential technologies. Web-Shuttle regards GitHubfor hundreds of integration over a single platform and its flexibility. Our developers have been supported sufficiently by the facility of all kinds of software projects this hub provides. Apart from other features, GitHub has powered our startup to securely bring it to work. Beyond all, the policy which includes best practices has succeeded in providing a safe environment.


Here's a short cheat sheet for users,

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Know more about GitHub at https://github.com/blog