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Posted : Sat Apr 01, 2017

All pranksters could take a leaf out of Google’s next April Fool’s conquest. Bringing the 80’s back to life, Google taps its feet to the retro tune and introduces Ms. Pac Man in Google Maps.


At the lower left of Maps on your browser, next to Earth, an image of Ms. Pac-Man reads “Insert Coin”. Once activated, the map would be evaluated and redesigned to fit as a level resembling the game. It is not fixed to your specific location and can be set for other locations/cities too. Let Ms. Pac Man run wild in the street of Paris for a try!


While 80’s nostalgia is always welcome, it is not all good news. This is a promotional game specially designed for April Fool’s and might not be available again. So cash in this opportunity to play this wonderful game and feel the nostalgia all over!


Pac-Maps won’t be the first time Google has surprised its users on April Fool’s. A similar Pac-Maps was launched in 2015 to commemorate the game and has been revived on popular demand.

Google has got its funny bone tingling every 1st April!


We at web shuttle think its a brilliantly played move for marketing. This also opens room for more speculation about this strategy and we believe that google might be onto something. Working in close proximity with google related applications, we are thrilled to see something so smart materialize into something as fun as this. After all, gaming is our favorite area of focus!!